Landmark Shopping Village Project Update

Perich is pleased to announce the completion of BP Hoxton Park Airfield and Oporto Hoxton Park as part of the Landmark shopping village site –  a subdivision of 24,000sqm land for a supermarket, fast food outlets, bulky goods and retail stores on busy Cowpasture Road.

Featuring eight fueling stations, a truck depot and an impressive convenience store showcasing the latest BP design, this services station really defies all expectations of traditional service stations. Adding to it’s functionality is an Oporto restaurant and eatery as well as a drive thru bay for ultimate convenience.

Perich has worked closely with the client, the client PM and a team of skilled consultants since its appointment, to facilitate a collaborative and efficient design and construction process. Every stage is strategically planned to overcome any challenges presented by the site, and achieve the most efficient methodology of completing the multiple stages simultaneously.

Perich has moved forward with the remaining stages due for completion in mid 2019. It is a pleasure watching the Landmark site come to life and much commendation is due to all of the contractors, suppliers and workers involved.

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